Thursday 11 September 2014

Ditto plus Peak Forest

According to the map we still have a way to go on the Macclefield and we have arranged to meet our youngest son in the town of the same name, so the Peak Forest arrival may be delayed again.
Some idea of the towpath/canal side jungle.

The proposed meeting never occurred as my son was busy so we cruised on over two more aqueducts to Bollington and two brilliant conversions of spectacular mills into offices,Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill. Bollington, despite the name, is a charming old town of local stone buildings and walls, all supplied by canal from local quarries. We originally moored on a bend which, for the first time, forced us to use the gangplank ( if you exclude my rescue with the ladder/gangplank combined ). After a couple of shaky trials we opted to moor further on, but this time on a straight section where we ( and the cat ) could get on and off Tardis Two in the "normal" way. Simple.

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