Monday 8 September 2014

Wet cat,Macclesfield,Peak Forest.

A bright, sunny start to the day........and lively.
As I dragged myself out of bed I thought I heard someone on the bow of the boat, a loud splash, Lynne shouting and a cat screaming. Phoebe had fell in.  At first she was attempting to swim towards the stern until Lynne encouraged her to turn round and swim towards the front of the boat where she was hauled out to safety. I rushed for a towel and Phoebe slowly returned to "normal", apparently none the worse for her adventure.
The delayed start and slow progress through 12 poorly maintained locks meant our planned ETA  at the Macclesfield canal will have to wait till tomorrow . To press on means tackling a further 12 locks before mooring for dinner and the night. Common sense prevailed or exhaustion won the day.

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