Friday 5 September 2014

SUC. Chester

Warm and sunny, much like yesterday. We had arranged to meet our eldest son and grandchildren today so we headed into Chester again, stopping for water at the slow tap, which worked much better today. Pleased with our success we set sail for the Northgate staircase locks. 32 ft deep but very badly maintained, they quickly wiped the smile off our faces. We stopped in the centre of Chester below the historic City walls to recover and get ready for our meeting , which was short but extremely sweet, cheering Lynne up no end. Our youngest granddaughter is delightful and has doubled in size since we last saw her, plus increased her vocabulary amazingly. A real chatterbox ! I wonder who she takes after?
We managed to team up with an elderly hire boat crew to get through the next four locks, equally badly maintained, but at least our frustration and exhaustion was halved , after which we found a place to moor pretty much in the middle of nowhere.
The formidable Northgatestaircase bottom lock 
The enticing staircase lock entrance under a railway bridge.

Telfords warehouse
The sunken narrowboat resurfaced

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