Wednesday 10 September 2014

Brilliant Macclesfield, brilliant day.


Please excuse the mop but if you can tear your eyes away from it you'll get some idea of the beauty of the Macclesffield with the Peak District  in the background.
Last night We moored opposite Heritage Narrowboats near Kent Green and Little Moreton Hall, one of Britain's  greatest half-timbered buildings dating from the 15th century. In brilliant warm sunshine we cruised for several hours through amazing countryside and farmland before arriving at Bosley locks, 12  raising or lowering the canal 110 ft. We stopped for lunch before commencing our climb through the locks, very closely spaced and all well maintained, thankfully. By the time we finished almost 3 hours later we were keen to moor and have dinner. The Macclesfield canal has lots of potential mooring places but we have promised ourselves to bring shears and industrial gloves on our next trip on it so we can get on and off Tardis Two easier. For some unknown reason the tow path itself is well maintained, but the strip between it and the canal is left to it's own devices, so by this time of year the wild flower seed heads and stinging nettles often exceed 4 ft in height, making the need for shears and industrial gloves essential.

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