Thursday 11 September 2014

Life at the top

 Adelphi mill

Clarence mill

A cool, cloudy day for our midday arrival at the Peak Forest canal, perched right in the heart of the Peak District. Only 6.5 miles long and currently lacking water it has proved difficult to moor on as the boat scrapes the bottom, presenting severe challenges to progress, but the scenery more than makes up for it.
The slow progress, not helped by 2 lift and 2 swing bridges, resulted in us arriving at our destination, Bugsworth Basin, just as daylight was fading . The Basin was abandoned in the 1920's but now enjoys Ancient Monument status.  I'll tour the place on foot in daylight tomorrow and let you know my verdict.
Pat Phoenix ( Elsie Tanner ) apparently Worked in the Navigation Inn at the Basin in her pre - Coronation Street days. Our late arrival and subsequent late dinner unfortunately precluded us visiting the pub. Tough times indeed.

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