Wednesday 3 September 2014

SUC/Ellesmere Port/moronocerus obnoxious

A better night and a warmer morning. Our aim is to make Ellesmere Port today not only because it is the first place for us to turn round (about 1.5 hrs) but it is the home of the UK inland waterways museum also, which should be worth a look.we moored at public mooring near the museum and were chatting to a couple from Liverpool considering buying a boat when a woman appeared and bluntly asked us to move as she needed to get to the water point. We directed her to a water point outside the museum cafe taken by a green narrowboat, the crew presumably having lunch in the cafe.   I pointed this out to her but she was still insisting we should move , at which point her moronic husband appeared on the scene, complete with boat , and was equally as rude. Lynne started a "conversation" but I suggested not arguing with him as you can never win against a moron. However, the museum staff confirmed we were in the right, but sadly only after we had moved several yards down the canal. These types of morons deserve to be stuffed and mounted in the Natural History museum with the dinosaurs.  The waterways museum was excellent. How the old bargee's managed to bring up a family in such a small space is astounding.
Our mooring place near the zoo seemed ideal for Phoebe, who delivered "presents" for us after each foray down the canal bank. Although Lynne is always on edge whenever Phoebe is "off boat",for obvious reasons, she always stays within sight and returns without problem ( Phoebe, not Lynne ).
Despite our exertions yesterday we both felt OK this morning and relieved to be cruising again.
We had the need to remove a beige tank top from our propeller today, another addition to our shredded wardrobe.

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