Sunday 23 August 2015


Having re-read yesterday's blog I realise some clarification is necessary. Why not solve the buzzy head problem with a Paracetamol?  Unfortunately, the buzzy head is further complicated by being combined with the insects flying around randomly in my scull 24/7. Paracetamol helps with the buzzing ( actually  a loud background hum ) but unfortunately does nothing for the flying insects. Fact.
Today is a clear head day so I will attempt to make the most of it, although how remains to be decided.
Derek took us out  for a wonderful lunch during which the warm, sunny weather changed to heavy rain and considerably lower temperatures. Prior to lunch I opted to walk to Bradgate Park ( and back, obviously ). In the event I failed miserably, only making it to the park entrance, admittedly all uphill.
Strangely, walking uphill proved easier than my return journey downhill, during which I felt very unsteady. The reason for turning round earlier than intended was purely down to common sense, a distinct lack of stamina and the need for me to get home unaided.

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