Sunday 30 August 2015

Wet Bank Holiday

Rain and a sleepless night combined to make  my return to Anstey less of a success than anticipated,but life can be like that. Lynne is suffering severe toothache but our dentist could identify no reason, which did little to help my sleep pattern or return me to a routine, but overall I still feel better for my Colchester break, thanks to Linda, Terry and some decent last night there proved strange in that, on one of my many trips to the loo I got tremendously disorientated and wandered around the upstairs landing looking for the bathroom door,even though, by then, I was very familiar with the layout .  I eventually found it and successfully completed my mission.  This morning at home I had a similar experience with an identical mission,again successfully completed, but worrying all the same. The old " am I going nuts ?"question inevitably arose without an answer ( my blood sugars were ok and the fuzzy-headed ness had not returned ). Yet another puzzle.

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