Saturday 15 August 2015

Puzzle solved

The ongoing issue of my lethargic state is currently and belatedly being tackled. Even with my scrambled brain it had become obvious the link was my insulin not performing as normal, rather than any tumour changes, but with 63 years of diabetic control experience it should have been spotted far,far sooner via my abnormally high blood sugar readings. I have always kept a stock of spare insulin phials which need to be kept in a fridge, but definitely not frozen or allowed to get warm. Having led a fairly active life, including camping across the African Serenghetti  and the Australian outback,I have always managed to keep my insulin stock at a constant temperature via a very clever, but simple devise called a Frio pouch. However, somewhere on our canal travels something has gone wrong with my storage regime ( ? ) and some insulin has gone "off". Insulin is made in batches, each carrying a unique number for traceability ,so at 0300 hrs this morning I was attempting to isolate the dodgy batch or batches, with some initial success. At this point I should stress the insulin manufacturers were almost certainly not at fault, more likely dodgy storage/ transport. Sorting out the rogue batches proved very difficult with the current state of my brain, but I got there ( I think ).  Because our extended canal trips force me to carry more spares than usual and the limited fridge space,we had used the boat underfloor drinks cabinet as a back-up, obviously unsuccessfully. But onwards and upwards.
I put in a repeat prescription to my chemist for fresh insulin supplies and the remaining sorted ones worked perfectly so I had an active, alert day, including a visit to Tardis Two and friends at the marina.
The evening was spent attempting to repair punctures in our two folding bikes,unsuccessfully as it transpired. But there is always tomorrow.

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