Sunday 2 August 2015

Hassle-free week planned.

On dry'ish land for a few days, hassle free hopefully, but time will tell. My mental ups and downs reach both ends of the scale quite regularly these days for no perceptical reason, equally frustrating for both Lynne and I. It is easy to blame my treatment, particularly the radiopherapy which has scrambled my brain, but it is probably too easy to lay all the fault there. Given the total void of NHS counselling it became necessary for Lynne and I to improvise, but after the initial success we seem to have hit a brick wall. An added frustration was the time and effort it took me to compile the initial letter to MCC, even with help from Citizen's Advice, claiming compensation. Normally, and pre-treatment, letter writing was enjoyable and easy for me, but not now. Along with driving and the associated freedom, it is a considerable loss.
Lynne will be working in the London wedding dress shop for a few days while I stay with daughter Chloe, who promises to transport me to Port Lympne animal park for a re-union with my old gorilla pals, which should be very enjoyable, weather permitting.
Keep checking for blogs. They won't be daily ( thank God, I hear you say) but I'll attempt one whenever the mood takes me.
We took 92 year old nanny Weames out to lunch yesterday ( we still know how to have a good time ) followed by her "exercise walk" in a nearby park, when she proved to be far more sprightly than me.
Later I had a roast dinner with Chloe and Paul at their flat Prior to "flaking out"with a hypo  before bed. I remained totally confused by the new surroundings for a considerable time before regaining some composure for a good night's sleep.

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