Friday 21 August 2015

Ups and downs

Yesterday managed massive ups and downs . The first up was a clear head, the second was meeting Chloe at Nuneaton bowl,picking up new bowling bowls for her pending England debut. We had time for a meal before our return home, when a letter arrived very late in the afternoon asking me to contact St George's hospital for an appointment with a consultant took almost ten minutes to get connected from the switchboard to the relevant extension, to be informed the earliest appointment is September 2016.......... I repeat, September 2016. Lynne burst out laughing and informed them I or she, or both, would likely be dead by then !  Good old NHS. Always good for a laugh. The lady on the phone became very flustered, bless her, and promised to see if she could shorten the wait, but we won't hold our breath. Another massive down.

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