Wednesday 5 August 2015

Hassle-free day 3 but knackering.

Chloe, bless her, opted to give me a day out at Port Lympne Reserve, part of the Aspinall As a life member from my younger days today was my first visit for many years and my, how it's changed.
I failed to recognise it.We chose to take the safari trucks, as my legs and stamina indicated them as the essential option. It was great to see all my old gorilla and other animal friends again in brilliant sunshine and overall I fully  approved of the "improvements". Chloe's newfangled watch which measures breaths, heartbeats, blood pressure, steps and poohs, amongst almost everything else, told us we had walked over 6 kilometres and Port Lympne is very,very hilly. I was knackered and slept most of the way home, but thoroughly enjoyed the day.
However, it also emphasises my inability to achieve anything without the help of others. If I could drive I could repeat today as often as I wished, which would lift my spirits enormously, but it is not to be.

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