Wednesday 19 August 2015


Joel and Sophie arrived with somewhere near two tons of Joel's dirty washing, accumulated over the last few months whilst his washing machine had been terminally ill. A night of sweat and toil by Lynne miraculously produced somewhere near two tons of clean, dry washing, much nearer it's original colour ( we think ). Whilst it was lovely to see Joel again after many months, the same cannot be said of his washing. 
I awoke with an un-fuzzy head and blood sugar levels suggesting I've cracked that particular problem, which is a big relief. Today is bright and sunny, perfectly reflecting my mood. No plans for today, depending on those of Joel and Sophie, yet to put in an appearance.
The washing was deposited in Joel's car, allowing space for a driver and passenger.
Joel owns a very old top of the range,Vauxhall Astra, bought from an old client of mine with virtually no mileage on the clock in immaculate condition, originally offered to Nicholas, but strangely rejected by him. It has performed faultlessly ever since, never failing the MOT . Amusingly Nick has been through umpteen old bangers since, Vw's, Citroen's,fiat's, all ending up on the scrap heap after breaking down, blowing up, failing MOT's or other sad endings.

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