Sunday 24 January 2016

A very sad day

I am home alone again for a few days,  as usual Lynne received a last minute request to work in London for a few days. Following our decision to sell Tardis Two and having watched "War Horse" on TV last night I awoke in a less than joyous mood, not improved when I found Lynne had already quietly gone and had left a montage of boating photo's on my ipad. A few tears were shed as my dark mood deepened.
Plan B is to take a few sunshine holidays via funds from the boat sale, but my dark mood  and poor health has only highlighted the problem of getting travel insurance or even being allowed to fly.
Arsenal play Chelsea this afternoon which I am hoping will lighten my mood by keeping Arsenal in the hunt for a magnificent triple at the season end.
It ended 0 - 1 to Chelsea, with a pathetic Arsenal performance before and after they went down to 10 men. Champions or a triple? You must be joking.

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