Friday, 22 January 2016

Confused? You will be.

Having completed the relevant forms for our high court MCC case they were returned, with the cheque, stating we would need to submit a new one to obtain enforcement, easy eh? No such luck.
Lynne spent the whole morning attempting to locate who issues the damn form, before being put in touch with the original girl she spoke to almost 3 hours earlier, who this time offered to send the "new form" for completion and return. Result.
Two plus points. Lynne learned MCC are still trading, but with a low credit rating and they have no other legal issues ongoing at present. Onwards and upwards.
It is raining again but a little warmer.
Regarding the boat we have made the first moves to sell her,regretfully. My health is not improving sufficiently to make it safe for me to handle locks and/or the boat. Regretting not selling her after my death or major injury is not an option worth considering.
We are both very upset at the decision but accept it is inevitable.

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