Wednesday 13 January 2016

Day 3

Lynne is starting yet another day at work. Literally no one knows how long it will last, not the shop manager, Lynne or me ( not necessarily in that order) but, for what it is worth, my money is on 4 or 5 days.
Walk off the earth have already released their cover of Adele's hit single ""hello" within only a week of it hitting the charts,and it is remarkably different,as usual. Have a look on YouTube.
I am feeling ok.
Today is a good news day. Apparently Whale numbers are generally increasing world-wide and agreement has been reached to stop keeping killer whales in captivity. 
A late afternoon power cut meant cooking and eating dinner was completed by torch and candle light, romantic but inconvenient. Fortunately the aga was unaffected so dinner appeared ( though slightly dimmer) as usual.

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