Monday, 25 January 2016

Another very sad day

With "reasons to be cheerful" by   Ian Dury and the Blockheads already lodged in what's left of my brain I woke to yet another sad day - and it was raining again.
Alone again my black mood seems to be getting blacker, forty shades of black?
I swear this place is haunted, with creaks and groans coming from upstairs if I'm downstairs and visa versa.    All was quiet until 11.30 am when every phone in the house (3) rang at once. What is left of my brain immediately slipped into confusion and eventually I opted to leave the landline phones to the ansafone and answer my mobile,which was nothing important. One of the other calls was from the company seeking feedback on Lynne's recent massage and beautifying day. Lynne can phone them back on her return. The remaining call was from the Baillifs , checking the amount we are owed, which I was able to deal with. They are in the process of "doing the admin" and will be undertaking the "raid" very soon, apparently. Yet another light at the end of yet another tunnel. The "ghosts" were overcome by leaving the TV playing radio 5 whilst I continued dozing upstairs having demolished a pork pie salad lunch. But the day proved long.......and longer...........and longer.

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