Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Leicester hospitals sheer incompetence

The sheer incompetence of the Leicester NHS has been the subject of my blog on numerous occasions, but they excelled themselves today. Although not directly related to the NHS , someone from the disability payment office had arranged to re-check my details for 2016 at home at 0830 this morning, but phoned at 0815 to cancel, with no reason or excuse given. i received a letter fromLeicester hospital informing me an endoscopy has been arranged for me next week, which was a little disconcerting as I have yet to be officially informed of the results of my last one,about a week ago.
Thoughts immediately go to finding something nasty.  Lynne spent almost 3hours on the phone to a vast array of consultants and doctors attempting to clarify why another endoscopy is necessary but without success. Eventually she managed to speak to one of the diabetic team I have seen recently, and he volunteered to track down my notes. What a brilliant guy. He eventually phoned back, apologised on behalf of Leicester for not letting me know the endoscopy results, but confirmed there is nothing to worry about. The consultant who did the endoscopy apparently forgot to record the size of the gist on my stomach, essential for monitoring it in future, hence the repeat excercise, so as recommended I will attend the next endoscopy and observe at the the subsequent team review meeting in early March. I intend writing to the hospital Chief Executive again in due course.

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