Saturday 26 October 2013


The Liverpool pathway I assume has a number of crossroads with signs pointing to " save" and " carry on spending", then "treat" and "kill". At this point I am unsure which crossroads I have reached, hopefully the first.  The high costs of MRI scans must already be in the equation I suppose, but radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy have yet to be added, plus my increasing age?  Oh to be a fly on the wall for the next doctor's pow-wow. As previously stated I could live with things as they are if my leg could get sorted, but I appreciate the tumour is bursting into life and things could change on a regular basis in future. 
All the necessary scan images and surgeon's letters are in place for my second opinion meeting on Monday, as is an appointment with a chiropractor in whom I have absolute faith (no pressure ) so I am looking forward to Monday evening when a few more pieces of jig-saw should fall into place.
Sunny and warm today but high winds forecast over the next few days. 
Our youngest son is spending a few days with us, emptying the food cupboard. He witnessed his first fit in Zizzies restaurant a couple of evenings ago, which proved something of a shock for him. They are commonplace for Lynne and I  but an eye opener for first-time viewers.

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