Monday 21 October 2013

Elimination process

My head zip has gone. I half expected one of those unmarked Transit pick-up trucks to pop into the doctor's surgery for the scrap metal but I suppose there is more value raiding builders skips for old baths and washing machines? I also have an appointment this afternoon with a local chiropractor to hopefully eliminate yet another possible cause of my dodgy leg. Short of amputation I think we will have worked our way through the medical encyclopaedia seeking a cause/remedy. All that remains is to keep Lynne away from a chain saw. Heavy precipitation today. The flood plains  The canal and River Trust have entered the 21st century with a free app for places to visit on British canals and rivers, which looks pretty good. 
Chiropractor wants me to have a vascular ultrasound on my bad leg as it is considerably warmer than the other but I cannot get a GP appointment till next week so the results will have to wait yet again.

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