Monday 14 October 2013

Glass half full/half empty theory

Yet another trip to the GP,for the next stage of leg treatment. Result.... More of the same, plus counselling to help cope with life's current ups and downs, which will be welcome. I need to concentrate on the plus points rather than the downs. After major brain surgery I am very much alive and able to live a fairly normal life for some considerable time. Making the most of it is the key, but I may need some assistance with that. I am naturally pessimistic (glass half empty), and find viewing anything as glass half full difficult, although I can understand the logic. I have 7 staples in my head, neatly arranged to resemble a zip,allowing an interesting start to any conversation.  Sadie is progressing well. Her foot and leg are still swollen and the collar drives her nuts. Giving her the anti-biotics is good fun but Margaret and Lynne have got it down to a fine art and the whole exercise is now completed with minimal injuries to all concerned. I will need to undertake the Margaret role in due course, which should be fun. I have always fancied the idea of being a big cat keeper. 

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