Friday 11 October 2013

Dad's home

As you can see I managed to escape hospital with the minimum of fuss. At least Pheobe seemed pleased to see me, but not half as much as I was pleased to be home. the operation apparently went well and they were able to remove chunks of the tumour for analysis via a skull hole the size of a 5 pence coin( see photo). They should be able to tell me their proposed treatment next week sometime. I spent yesterday in the post-operation recovery ward which proved to be very noisy, absolutely ideal for my recovery. The ward sister was very authoritarian and we got along really well (not).She made her apologies before I left but I put it down to an extreme case of chalk and cheese and we parted friends. The hole in my head is remarkably pain free but it is amazing how much the top of your head moves when you smile,frown,squint , laugh, cough etc. Try it.
Thanks to everyone sending best wishes during my hospital stay. Greatly appreciated.I cannot miss this opportunity  of also thanking my family for their great support over recent very difficult times. It makes me very proud to realise our hard work in parenting has proved successful 

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