Wednesday 23 October 2013

Surviving Russian roulette

Another sleepless night and yet another elimination process pursued. This time I've arranged a visit to another chiropractor in London ( an old friend from rowing days ) in the hope of solving my leg mystery, once and for all. If you are wondering what the hell yesterday's blog title was about, TOWIE is the shortened slang version  of The only way is Essex, a hit TV show featuring amateur actors in an unscripted glam-rock "soap" of life in Essex, a county in South East UK. Think Roxy Music combined with Friends. The show was, and remains, a great success , rocketing some participants to stardom and riches both sides of the Atlantic. 
Slow Boat round Britain has now passed the 8,000 hits stage from around the globe, thanks again. I (or a yet to be nominated friend/family member )intend morphing it into a book at some later stage, depending on my mental/physical capabilities at the time, plus a sympathetic publisher of course. Just don't expect a glamorous book signing ceremony in Selfridges, is all I can advise. Eat your heart out Joan Collins.

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