Sunday 13 October 2013

Passing the time

My recovery is progressing well, the slowest being my leg wound, which causes me grief whenever I get to walk even the shortest distance, restricting me to indoors, but even then getting up and down stairs can be a problem. To fill the time I have made a list of preferred films,some old, some new and of varied genre's, as follows;
High noon.                  Dances with wolves.                            Waterworld.                Woodstock.
The Graduate.             Airplane.                                               There's something about Mary.
I am curious, Yellow.    The Mission.                                          Dambusters.              Tommy.
Abba the movie.           A fist full of dollars.                                High plains drifter.       Hang 'Em high.
Beaches.                      The notebook.                                      Castaway.                   Life of Brian.
Little big man.               The terminal.                                        One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
Forrest Gump.               Straw Dogs.                                         Out of Africa
Born  Free.                     Gorilla's in the mist.
We had Sunday lunch at our "local" where the landlord had missed us for the summer. He is moving to another pub nearby sometime in the near future, which is a bit of a blow.
A trip to blockbusters is on the cards.                                        

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