Thursday 31 October 2013

Why me? 2

I am moving very, very slowly to plan Z . With absolutely no progress on my leg pain and another sleepless night and yet another visit to my GP, I now have some mega painkillers which I can take at night. This morning I had to resort to the undignified  act of sliding downstairs on my bum as my leg pain was sufficient to prevent conventional progress. Walking anywhere is a problem so I am virtually a prisoner in my own home. During the night I noted this house has no facilities for hanging myself, which is somewhat inconvenient. Having said that my leg pain would prevent me getting into position to do it.
Lynne has locked the drugs cupboard and is considering getting me into hospital on suicide-watch, (joke ) bless her. Her sleep patterns have also been disrupted lately so we both have frayed edges.After a decent sleep I am feeling much better and editing my blog written earlier, apologies to those who read it, pre -edit.I have also got over the why me syndrome. I have been type-one diabetic since the age of 3 (bad luck?) and had lymphoma/pneumonia mid 40's, ( bad luck ?) neither of which restricted later life. There is no family history of either, so perhaps it was just bad luck. On a brighter note I survived a Jumbo jet hijack over Germany and a flight back from Lusaka aboard the oldest (and only) Boeing 707 still flying, further hindered by the fact it only had 3 working engines ( good old British Caledonian ) It seemed to take forever to get off the ground and was late arriving at Gatwick . I also walked.1.5 kilometers through a game park in Zambia and survived, supposedly rescuing a Swedish guy, his young son and Volvo, axle deep in a dry river bed.I remember getting back to Chichele lodge wearing brown shorts and having bleeding feet in Jesus sandals, my mouth feeling like the bottom of a budgies cage. If I can survive all that this small hiccup should be a piece of cake?

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