Saturday, 5 December 2015

24 hour clock

Lynne watched the X Factor final ( it seems to go on forever ) on the tiny iPad screen whilst I listened from a discreet distance, falling asleep in the process, causing considerable confusion when I awoke around 10 pm.I was convinced I had administered my long-term overnight insulin dose and "supper", noting it in my record book. However, Lynne was unconvinced, so several minutes of confusion reigned. I was convinced it was 10 in the morning but obviously not supported by the darkness outside,in which case had I missed my overnight injection ? I have only been diabetic for 62 years, after all. Several blood tests failed to give a clue so eventually I settled on an agreed compromise of a chocolate biscuit and Coca Cola, plus an early morning blood sugar reading. Thus here I am at 05.30 doing just that. My readings ( twice for reassurance ) proved average, but at least I am back on schedule with no harm done, which is reassuring, but worrying all the same. Back to bed and an ambition to purchase a 24 hour clock.

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