Wednesday, 9 December 2015

WWF party

The annual World Wildlife Fund Bromley Supporters Group Xmas party ( I use the word loosely) was held last night. Basically a get-together of the surviving core members of the extremely successful fund raising group of the late 1900's, this year it was held at a new venue near Bromley. As a founder  member and  ex Group Secretary I never miss this event,even though now living in Leicester. It gives everyone a chance to meet and   swop old memories of "the good old days", when we were the biggest fund-raising group in the UK.
The sat-nav lost us in South London so we were extremely late getting home.Lynne is working again and I will bus to Hounslow later for the return trip to Leicester.
In the event Chloe gave me a lift to Hounslow and Lynne and I promptly journeyed home without problem.

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