Wednesday 2 December 2015

The Arsenal syndrome

Today was day something or other of my latest home alone sequence where despite having little to do my injury list mysteriously increases - known as the Arsenal syndrome. Today was particularly windy which severely hampered my getting out and about. Unsteady on legs, hills and gale force gusts are not an ideal mix. At times the only things keeping me upright were garden fences and/or railings. Lynne had requested from afar I collect a dozen or so Bramley apples from Derek's garden, a simple enough job in normal circumstances, but the aforementioned issues made it the equivalent of an African foot safari for me. Exhausted but unscathed I eventially returned home, leaving part two of the safari ( to the Co Op ) for later. On paper part two appears a doddle, but transferred to real up-hill terrain with in-your-face gales it  became a feat of sheer endurance, fortunately successfully completed although I collapsed on the settee for an hour or so of sleep once home.
To complete the weekend the TV packed up, leaving me with radio 5. Whoopee.  

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