Friday, 18 December 2015

Blink and you miss it day.

A very warm day for the time of year ( tee shirts near Christmas ? ) but mind- boggling fast. Although I was stranded at Chloe's for some considerable time  with no door keys and not a hope in hell of re entry if I ventured out. What would I do for tea ? Lynne had promised me trip to the noodle shop but with time getting on and no contact, with injection/meal time looming one of my panics set in and I managed  to locate Lynne in an old friends place ( by phone), who confirmed our original arrangements stood. Within minutes we were off for very welcome noodles, from where we decided to see if we could find my Original rowing coach, who lives nearby. Somehow we succeeded in finding his house, but understandably he was out, by which time both Lynne and I were exhausted, having left Leicester very early this morning.
We made it to Chloe's by which time Lynne was clearly too tired to drive and we collapsed into bed.

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