Saturday 12 December 2015

Confused, or what? And Nokia.

Up and about at 05.30 this morning with my right leg giving pain for some unfathomable reason, but the reliable Paracetamol sorted that within minutes. Strangely I could have sworn Lynne was here last night, but no sign this morning, although she normally leaves later than this. No doubt all will be clarified when I speak to her later. I think I must be down to my last memory cell. Morris Marina. Checked my diary and today seems to be free, so, apart from getting something for my lunch and dinner  I can take life easy. Famous last words? 
My Morris Marina day continued, although this time it was not me with bits falling off. Firstly the bedroom phone has packed up. My dodgy leg is still dodgy so it took me forever to get downstairs to find my ringing mobile, which I keep threatening to throw in the bin. Nokia were recently taken over by Microsoft who have tinkered around with the previous cheapest version. "My"phone  I loved, so when it finally packed up I bought a new one, but unfortunately Microsoft had "improved " it. The damn thing is useless. Do not buy one. Making a text is a major event, as is every other function. i suspect Microsoft want me to buy a mega- expensive all singing and dancing model of their own make. I hope they are holding their breath. Wait for the headlines about the entire Microsoft top management dying of asphyxiation.

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