Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tv repair

Thanks once again to our family for putting us up, or should that be putting up with us?
Anyway, it's always nice to return home, albeit for a short time. The TV repair man is due today and I hope to get my hair cut (which one ? Lynne always asks .) 
Arsenal remain in the European Cup following a sensational 3.  -   0 win over the Greek champions last night, a brilliant performance. My mood has improved ten- fold.
MCC have been instructed by the court to repay the cost of boat repairs and legal costs before Christmas , subject to appeal. A pleasing and fast response, but I will be amazed if I get payment without the need for court bailiffs, knowing MCC as I do.
It was my annual diabetic eye check today. For many years my right eye has been deteriorating very slowly, but much quicker in the past year it seems. My left eye has always been no problem and continues to be so. I should get the report soon after Xmas but I would guess I will need to see a hospital optician and be issued glasses.  Whatever next will go wrong physically ?
Due to my eye check running half an hour late I missed the Tv repair man. The problem was due to the Sky box needing updating, which was done and all seems to be OK now.

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