Tuesday 8 December 2015

Lost in Hounslow

We set off for London very early but stopped on the M1 near Luton for 2 hours caused by a car and Lorry crashing and igniting. Hence the normal 2 hour journey was doubled. Fortunately there were no injuries, unless you class bum-ache as one.
Before I headed home to Chloe's by bus I ventured to McDonalds for lunch and promptly got lost in Hounslow, occasionally phoning Lynne for some idea of my whereabouts.As a result the half hour trip took over 2 hours and caused virtual exhaustion, but Lynne's boss sensibly suggested I waited in the shop for when Lynne finished for the day ,which was a considerable relief. God only knows where I would have ended up asleep on that bloody bus ! 
Today was leisurely, resting at Chloe's. Apart from falling out of the bath/shower without injury or damage to furnishings the day proved uneventful.

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