Tuesday 29 September 2015

A new pastime

A sort of return to work today, as my first stab at maintaining Julie's dad's garden where I spent an hour and a half reforming lawn edges and sweeping the main path. It raised very fond memories of my garden maintenance days and proved easier than I feared, but very rewarding.
The very sunny afternoon was spent drinking coffee with Derek at his nearby house. The evening presented excitement and sadness as Anne next door reported her wonderful cat Tilly missing. Hectic searches resulted in Lynne finding Tilly lying, crying and in obvious distress in Daryl's garden next door.
She seemed to be unable to move, but Anne got her into a cat basket and to a local vet, who was able immediately to discount a vehicle collision, but suspected some sort of poisoning due to her inability to use her front legs with no signs of injury. A very sad end for a magnificent feline who spent virtually every day on the roof of our garden shed or keeping guard on our garden fence, even when our cats were home.
A sad end to an enjoyable day.

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