Tuesday 1 September 2015

Eureka. A dry day

Yes, no rain today yet, but there is still time. The sky is currently clear ,as is my head, We are staying at Tom's flat in London for a few days, doing little more than relax, other than giving Stenson/MCC yet another opportunity to reconsider their total indifference to our plight of duff batteries on Tardis Two over a period of several years, prior to them ending up in court at a possibly higher cost,with the judge inevitably taking into account our severe inconvenience and years of avoidable frustration  if MCC had abided by their obligations within the law. I have mentally formulated my last letter to MCC which I will transfer to print on our return home from Tom's, but I don't expect capitulation by them prior to appearing in court, because I doubt they may realise it is the cheaper option for them until it is too late.

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