Tuesday 8 September 2015

Indian summer ends,as does bee absence.

A very cold morning ( no frost ) but not one of my better days with silent bees flying around in my head. For several days I have avoided an afternoon nap, but I suspect I may need one today? We are uncertain about our Scotland trip supporting Chloe playing her first ten pin bowling match for England.  
We feel we ought to be there ( and certainly want to be ) but are getting mixed vibes from Chloe at the moment,creating some doubts and mental conflict. 
A lengthy snooze during late morning combined with Lynne adding Chloe to our car insurance policy solved the issues of our Scotland trip and my threatened backslide into fuzzy-headed ness. Lynne and Chloe can share driving duties to and from Scotland ,whilst it saves me unnecessary worrying about arrangements.

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