Thursday 10 September 2015

Home from home

Lynne Tom and Hayley routinely departed for work whilst I had a lay-in . Nothing much planned for today other than Chloe collecting our freshly cut front door key for her future use. A slight snag with that plan was Lynne had mistakenly taken the key with her so she aims to drop it off on her way "home". In addition Lynne's car needed a jump start this morning (kindly provided by a friend) as she had left the interior light on overnight. "The best laid plans of mice and men".
Having hung the washing out I settled down for a musical afternoon starting with Heart and their terrific version of "stairway to heaven", followed by "There's a Place" by the Beatles. This track is particularly poignant for me as I played it over and over again the day after my Mum died, far too early, at 44,for which I stupidly blame myself. She was never a well person, having worked in a munitions factory during the war after a very hard childhood, so simply breathing was a hardship for her. Yet she was unfortunate enough to have me for a son, diabetic from the age of 3,requiring constant attention and long spells in hospital many miles and two buses from home, yet I do not remember her missing a daily visit through some grim winter smogs and frost/snow. Nor did she miss any of my subsequent primary school football matches, wherever they were and whatever the weather. I was school captain and the team was very successful in a "local" sort of way. The headmistress used to give her transport to and from matches once she realised how bad Mum's health issues were, following a dramatic incident after the school nativity play, at which I was the narrator. Mum failed to arrive, as promised, and so the event started, with me worrying what had happened to her (no mobile phones in those days) whilst still narrating. We had finished the play when Mum made a dramatic entrance, literally collapsing through the main door, gasping for breath. She had walked almost 2 miles from home, through woods and along a very rough track , determined not to let me down. After a rest and some medical attention for Mum we were driven home by the headmistress. A very haunting day.
Fortunately I am in a very good place today, otherwise it would have been impossible to relate the above tale without blathering over my IPad, causing major problems.
Today is sunny and reasonably warm.

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