Thursday, 24 September 2015


Having re-read yesterday's blog I should add a comment regarding Chris,my counsellor,in whom I also have complete faith, particularly since her brilliant advice to re-adjust my aspirations to somewhere near reality, which has transformed my life virtually overnight. I have now accepted I cannot, for safety reasons, return to driving, cycling , rowing , long -distance walking or jogging ( not necessarily in that order ). Finally accepting those as facts has miraculously released self inflected pressure on what's left of my brain and simultaneously lifted my overall mood. Of course I can re-visit these individual decisions at the appropriate times in future, particularly as my balance and other problems sort themselves out, so all is not lost. Patience, John, patience.
The afternoon was spent at National Trust Stoneywell, a historic house and garden not far from Anstey, and very nice they were too. The purpose of our trip was to investigate the possibility of me volunteering my gardening skills on a volunteer basis, giving me an interest and some exercise outside my current "bubble". I grabbed an application form, enjoyed the house and garden tour and returned home via Julie's father in laws house, where I was offered the opportunity of tidying and maintaining his garden, again on a volunteer basis.

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