Tuesday 15 September 2015

Rain threat

The forecast is for rain by 11.00am. These days the forecasts are far more accurate than they used to be, now giving actual rain times. Why don't the met office run Network Rail ? Please.
Lynne is now officially my carer, thanks to a very kindly surgery nurse who sorted it for us. However, my carer gave me a blasting this morning for telling her my tablets "had run out",but in the wrong way. It is a very fine line between wife and carer apparently, but I expect I'll soon get the hang of it ?
Oops, I've done it again at lunchtime but  with a lighter response, although still involving our local chemist  which is as useful as a chocolate tea pot. The next chemist is miles away. Convenience and possible death versus competence ? To be fair the good old days of physically collecting your prescription from the doctor's surgery and personally delivering it to the chemist have long gone, replaced by a much more "efficient"and"accurate"  system of pinging them around the airwaves where they invariably get lost. Progress?
I am not on top form today, more tired than anything else I guess.  The forecast was wrong, by the way.

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