Wednesday 30 September 2015


A week of big high's and even bigger lows has ended. Getting back on a bike relatively safely after very belatedly getting the puncture fixed were two definite high's, my return to gardening was an added bonus, particularly as I suffered minimal after-effects. Tilly's sad and unexplained death dented my good mood, which had strangely been deteriorating for a few days prior, perhaps due to commencement of my legal action against MCC. Although we have a cast-iron case against them it all adds pressure to my situation over which I have very little control.
Extremely belatedly MCC replied to my recent letters and supplied the "missing" report of March 2015 which contains the expected garbage. I have yet to cross-reference dates ,but at first sight there does appear to be some significant discrepancies. 
I spent the afternoon gardening and collecting half a bucket of damsons for more jam.
Lynne and I took the opportunity to review ourselves over the past few weeks, no holds barred. It proved an interesting session.

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