Monday 26 October 2015

Blair. War criminal ?

Having made £ millions from dodgy jobs and memoirs Tony Blair, our ex dodgy Prime Miister, has finally admitted the Iraq war was"possibly" illegal and the extreme loss of lives on both sides "regrettable" . In addition he now admits to being largely responsible for the growth of Islamic State, ( a group of religious , blood thirsty terrorists),commencement of various Middle East wars and their thousands of victims. All this came to light in a USA tv show interview ( not the BBC , note ). 12 years late, but better late than never ?  Has this "apology" been brought on by the result of the Chilcott war enguiry, soon to be published after over 6 years delay ? i repeat, 6 years delay.
D is for delays and democracy. The moral of the story is severely delay publication of damning information ,allowing you to get your apologies in early on the other side of the world in "softer" surroundings.

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