Tuesday, 20 October 2015


A bright,sunny morning,almost as bright as I feel, having slept right through to 0815. No set plans for today but gardening and stripping wallpaper are high up the list and Lynne returns early evening.
Lynne has reminded me I need to remain home and indoors to receive her long-awaited (by us both) new IPad.
It arrived around lunchtime giving me time to attend to our garden in the afternoon, interrupted by a  worrying phone call from my first wife, Maggie,who has been diagnosed with, believe it or not, a benign brain tumour. The news hit me very hard and got me thinking I must be some sort of magnet for serious illness ( stupid, or what?). However, I gave as much advice I could muster at very short notice and in a state of shock,  and promised Lynne will offer advice and guidance through the NHS maze in due course. All three of us get on really well, with no animosity at all.

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