Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Not a good day

A fuzzy head, Arsenal losing 3.    0. and it's raining,could it be worse? The small claims court papers were returned today with further instructions on how to fill them out,all in legal jargon, so we'll need to visit a solicitor anyway, which is what the system was supposed to by-pass, surely?  My fuzzy head is getting fuzzier.
I had an appointment with the neurologist at Leicester hospital, so I thought it might prove interesting to get his opinion on my fuzzy head and unbalanced periods, but apparently he thought my descriptions were amusing.Lynne noticed,but I didn't. She asked me to leave then gave him what for, wiping the smile off his face.
What chance do I stand if the medical "experts" find my symptoms amusing. I suggest he buys some jImmy Carr dvd's (although I think the infamous "Variety club coaches" one has been removed from sale following the mass complaints.)

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