Monday, 19 October 2015

Home alone by choice

Lynne left for London at some unearthly hour. She hopes to be in Hounslow to open the shop for the day, and it's raining. This time we agreed I would stay in Anstey, partly to cause less disruption to the kids and partly to ease my inevitable boredom. It gives Lynne a chance to escape being with and caring for me 24/7, plus mixing with old friends. In other words, a welcome break I would imagine.
It also gives me a chance to show I can survive on my own for a couple of days. Fingers crossed.
I aim to get the court papers bundled,indexed and sent, by way of amusement. Fortunately I'm a stickler for old fashioned letter writing, whereas MCC  rarely, if ever, put pen to paper,leaving my bundle of evidence far in excess of theirs, I summise, and certainly more factual,I hope.
Right, I'm off to get my breakfast.
The court papers have gone but I do not expect any news for a while, given the pace of our legal system, but I'm reasonably confident of a positive result.

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