Saturday 31 October 2015

He's leaving home

A title for Beatles officianado's. I went through another frustrating hour or two with the legal papers but only managed to dig the hole deeper, so to speak. The court apparently thought we were claiming from individual employee's so reguired us to fill in yet another complicated form to serve the writ on them at work, plus an additional £50 fee. Eddie and Marian ARE MCC. Luckily my head remained clear today which meant I had a chance to reconsider our approach during a long afternoon walk.We were trying to issue a writ against both owners of MCC, rather than the company itself. By changing the writ we save £50 and filling in another form. Unfortunately my walk involved Lynne giving me a lift home from Beaumont Lees, as I was becoming increasingly unsteady.
I think it was worth it,  relieving tension on Lynne and I, if nothing else.

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