Thursday, 8 October 2015

Walk off the earth review

Lynne, Tom and Hayley toddled off for our, long awaited Walk off the Earth concert at the Iconic Roundhouse theatre in London, ending up rushing as Tom lived up to his reputation for lateness. We had to get people moved out of our seats before taking them but the huge audience had a vast age range, reflecting WOKE's wide appeal. They were brilliant. I lost count of the number of instruments used but the list included a nerve shattering didgeridoo. One of the songs they " covered" was first recorded in 1962. We missed the last train to Chessington North so returned very late, but happy, by train and bus via Surbiton. I bought a "souvenir" WOTE" tee shirt for the usual exorbitant price at the Roundhouse, only to find inferior copies for sale at half the price outside.
Getting to bed was a drama as one of the cats had chosen to profusely pee on our duvet, but all was not lost as we finally slept under an array of beach towels, dressing gowns and jackets etc; very successfully, we aim to buy Tom and Hayley a new duvet today, by way of thanks for their endless hospitality.
It is a cracking day today, as Wallace used to say to Gromit. Ideal for duvet shopping.

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