Sunday 4 October 2015

Homeward bound yet again.

A lazy morning with no schedule, other than getting to Hounslow by 2 buses by 3pm, what could possibly go wrong?            Watch this space.  We don't own a boat called Tardis Two for nothing.
Sod's law. Several things went wrong. Lynne's last customer turned up very late, but at least bought a dress, but that made us late leaving. Lynne remained keen to get home ASAP and off we set,although we should have taken a break as she was very tired. Inevitably we took a wrong turning onto the M4 then missed the M25 turn off and ended up God  knows where. Fortunately Lynne found a pub for directions and decided to proceed via her sister's at Reading, from where she knew the way home.  However, Lynne and Brian plotted yet another "alternative" route to the M1 via Oxford and off we set again into the great unknown. Our nightmare journey continued, via a couple of wrong turnings and a hefty hypo whereby Lynne had no alternative but to stop for food at an M40 service station where we managed yet another Harry Ramsden's fish and chip meal plus tea and coffee. Against my advice, we set off far too soon again, but miraculously got to the M1 in an area we knew so Lynne could navigate by in-built radar, arriving home far later than originally intended, where we both collapsed on the sofa with whiskey and Cokes, thoroughly exhausted but giving me a chance to check on the Arsenal v Manchester United afternoon result, which cheerily the gunners won 3.    0, all scored in the first ten minutes.
We both learned a lesson, whereby Lynne should not drive when tired. A lens out of Lynne's expensive new glasses fell into her tea at Marlene's, but fortunately a spare pair allowed us to continue our journey home.

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