Thursday, 15 October 2015

Counselling again

It is fair to say Lynne and I are living on a knife edge at present, so today's session is very fortuitous.
Basically Lynne wants to move south again to rejoin her circle of friends down there whilst I am ok here, thanks very much. The huge divide between north and south property prices will cause a few problems, involving selling our house in Anstey and also, perhaps, the boat.
Poor Chris, playing peacemaker took her a long way out out of her comfort zone, bless her, but she coped splendidly and offered some useful  strategies which we have agreed to utilise, including talking the whole thing of my scatterbrained behaviour over with the big team at St. George's next week when I am scheduled to have a routine scan. Chris has agreed to meet me in early November to get our feedback. It is raining yet again.

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