Friday, 16 October 2015

Lost sleep

A very early morning blog as sleep was hard to find,despite a generous dollop of whiskey during the night, a rare occurrence for me. My whole body itches but my blood sugar is reasonable and all else seems OK. Having sat up for a while I may try going back to bed, although I always try to avoid waking Lynne as God knows she must need her sleep. The sofa beckons. 
Before I arranged to get back to bed, Lynne appeared downstairs as Chloe had phoned her complaining of being face timed at some unearthly hour. ( a mistake by me ) A quick FaceTime lesson followed during which I learned Lynne was not on my contacts list and has a new email address, for no plausible reason. That has now been rectified. Funny how some things accidentally come to light, although I am now informed her "old"  email is still operational until further notice ,!!!
On a brighter note Arsenal followed their 3 - 0 away win against Manchester United with an identical away win against Watford this evening, taking them to second in the Premier league.

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