Saturday 8 December 2012

4th to 6th Dec

4th December 2012.  New York or Willington?     We had arranged to meet two long-lost friends from Burton on Trent for lunch at the Dragon. We avoided passing the boatyard on the way there to uphold our decision to delay our next visit for another week or two, principally to avoid further disappointment and frustration at the slow rate of progress to date. Lunch was a relaxing and enjoyable affair, catching up on lots of news and gossip missed over previous years. On leaving we were greeted by a 60ft tall plume of water emanating from the centre of Willington. A gongoozler taking photographs confirmed it was from a water main damaged by a JCB digging a trench. We joined the spectators and were soon presented with a high-speed display by a fire engine and several police car crews who very quickly dealt with the water and the resulting traffic jam. It was reminiscent of an American movie where every car crash in New York results in a fire hydrant erupting. Do American drivers habitually aim for fire hydrants before crashing or are they strategically placed to protect pedestrians and shop fronts? Free car washes?   We had the choice of going home the way we came or passing the boatyard, the latter being very tempting. However, we somehow resisted.

5th December.  A very cold but sunny day. The rest of the country have had snowfall, so we appear to be lucky in the East Midlands. Everyone who made contact today fully expected us to be trapped in head-high snowdrifts, being north of the mythical Watford Gap. The response from all tempered on bitter disappointment. We spent the day painting the hall, lobby, porch (or whatever you care to call it - we certainly haven’t decided yet) then shopping yet again for little embellishments to further enhance our fresh, new environment.

6th December.    Pylons and clouds. Prior to our move to Anstey we were made aware of the UK Pylons Appreciation Society. No kidding!! Members must spend lots of time in Leicestershire as the place is full of them. Shortly after our move the chairman (actually a woman) of the UK Clouds Appreciation Society appeared on a news bulletin for a reason that now escapes me . Because of the wide-open spaces, farmland and spectacular views in Leicestershire some of the cloud formations to be seen are stunning. Both societies appeal to our warped sense of humour and much time on car journeys is devoted to taking the urine out of them. We often comment on wonderful cloud formations, allocating totally inappropriate names for them, none of which I intend to reveal in print. We are often in ecstasy  when a particularly fine cloud formation can be seen over an imposing line of spectacular electricity pylons. If anyone has details of how to contact cloud or pylon society members please let us know so we can alert them to any particularly exciting combinations spotted. Still no snow, though. We will keep alert for any sightings of snow-bearing cloud formations. What next? A public convenience appreciation society with George Michael as chairman? A Richard Branson appreciation society? Who would be chairman I wonder?  Answers on a postcard.


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