Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Goodwill to almost all men

If your Christmas day was half as good as mine you had a good time, that is, until 10pm. I had heard of New Years eve parties but never Christmas day parties, until yesterday. Next doors' event started at 10.00pm and continued unabated until 6.00am. What made it worse was we could only hear and feel the base and beat, without any of the words/melody (?)together with some extremely loud expletives,laughing,shouting and running about, generally up and down stairs. We had tea and coffee at 3.00am, tea,coffee and biscuits at 4.00am. By this time we considered we and our three guests had suffered enough,Lynne bravely knocking on the door and suggesting, very calmly, they turn down the noise as the rest of the street were attempting to sleep. The young lady, equally calmly, said she would see what she could do. Almost immediately the noise stopped but only long enough (I guess)for her to convey Lynne's request to the host, for him/her to totally ignore it and up went the volume even higher. A non-999 call followed with the promise of a visit from the boys in blue, which we assume happened as the beat (excuse the pun)and swearing ceased at 6.00am. Whatever the revellers were on should be bottled and sold in all party shops. Their stamina was something to behold. We assumed there must be a link between alcohol and a harvest from the cannabis farm in their rear garden greenhouse.We all enjoyed yet more tea and coffee before retiring for our long-overdue sleep to emerge, red eyed and shattered, at around lunch-time. It is raining again but the Co-Op car park has once again drained, leaving a thick layer of mud behind. At his rate we'll be able to moor TARDIS TWO outside our house.

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